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Macho by Year Magazine Back Issue - June 1976

Macho by Year
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Macho by Year

Macho by Year Front Cover

Macho June 1976 magazine back issue Macho by Year magizine back copy

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Macho June 1976 Magazine

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Volume 1 Issue # 1 Number 1


2 Music Lover
3 Macho Manifesto
5 Machomail
6 Liberty Bell: Phyliss Maxwell
13 The Rumpleforeskin Report
18 The Bradbury Syndrome
20 Untamed Melody Starring Roberta Pedon
25 The Least Fuckable Feminists
30 The Macho Man: Sam Peckinpah
32 On The Lam
36 Macho's Sex Object Annie Neilson
44 The Crazy-Ass Kick of Hang Gliding
46 My Secret Fantasy
53 Mack's Ball
58 Country Porn
65 Liberated Libby
79 Macho Classified

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