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Velvet Foxes Magazine Back Issues Archive


Velvet Foxes # 1
Velvet Foxes # 1 magazine back issue
Premiere Issue

Electronic Digital Copy
Only $99.99

Velvet Foxes # 1

Your Choice Of Ravishing Redheads, Bubbling
Brunettes & Busty Blondes In Sizzling Sexy Spreads!


Velvet Foxes # 2
Velvet Foxes # 2 magazine back issue

Only $95.00

Velvet Foxes # 2

Unknown (Not nude)

11 Passionate Pictorials Featuring Lusty Ladies in Lesbian Embrace
Macho Men & Their Willing Women
Eager Single Girls Spreading Their Charms for You
Andy & Marsha Get It On


Velvet Foxes # 3
Velvet Foxes # 3 magazine back issue

Only $95.00

Velvet Foxes # 3

Natalie (Nude inside)

See Michele & Natadha Explore Lesbian Love!
Watch Clara, Sophie & Dina's Sexy Bondage Games!
Peek at Stacey Playing Doctor!
Plus Many Other Voluptuous Ladies Go Pink!


Velvet Foxes # 4
Velvet Foxes # 4 magazine back issue

Electronic Digital Copy
Only $99.99

Velvet Foxes # 4

We Have Them All! 12 Luscious
Ladies... From Sultry To Shy, With Breathtaking
Bodies, Long, Lissome Legs, Round, Bouncing
Bottoms & Pink, Pouting Lips... All Eager To Please You!


Velvet Foxes # 5
Velvet Foxes # 5 magazine back issue

Electronic Digital Copy
Only $99.99

Velvet Foxes # 5

Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads... We've Got Them All! Discover Their Favorite
Sexual Fantasies, Erotic X-Periments & Most Outrageous
Bedroom Games As Mizanne, Randi, Miki, Lorna, Debbie, Linda, Chris, Josie, Anna Lee,Toyomi,Patti
Get Down & Daring.. Just For You!


Velvet Foxes # 6
Velvet Foxes # 6 magazine back issue

Electronic Digital Copy
Only $99.99

Velvet Foxes # 6

More Beautiful Women Than You Can Shake Your Stick At!
All Reveal Their Freakiest Fantasies, Deepest Desires And Most Bizarre Bedroom Experiences
Including... Lesbianism, Oral Love, Sex Games, Orgies, Threesomes And Much, Much More!


Velvet Foxes # 7
Velvet Foxes # 7 magazine back issue

Electronic Digital Copy
Only $99.99

Velvet Foxes # 7

The Dirty Dozen:
12 Nubile Girls... From Shy And Sweet...To Wet And Wild!


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