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Adult Movies Illustrated Magazine Back Issue - Volume 3 - Number 4

Adult Movies Illustrated
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Adult Movies Illustrated

Adult Movies Illustrated Front Cover

Adult Movies Illustrated Vol. 3 # 4 magazine back issue Adult Movies Illustrated magizine back copy

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Adult Movies Illustrated Vol. 3 # 4 Magazine

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Volume 3 Issue # 4 Number 4


Late 60s men's stag movie revue mag captures the weird low-budget stag movie/skin-flick vibe of the late 60s and presents a nice collection of B&W and color sexploitation movie stills, with go-go girls, amateur hippie-girl runaway actresses, chunky hunks, some interracial lesbian spanking action and classic body painting in SWINGIN SWAPPERS. Stag movies reviewed include: THE UNFAITHFUL, MOONSHINER'S WOMAN, HOT EROTIC DREAMS (Cosmos Films), MILLINAIRE WOMEN, SUBURBAN GIRLS CLUB, THE SWAPPERS, KEY CLUB WIVES, DEEP INSIDE, HER BIKINI GOT WET I WANT YOU and TRIANGLE.
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